Show your commitment to the environment

I Love Eco Essentials


iLoveEcoEssentials is a 360-degree sustainable amenity concept developed for hotels. It gives you the opportunity of telling a positive story, showing your commitment to the environment and to a greener future.


iLoveEcoEssentials is a Danish brand created by a group, who describe themselves as eco-geeks. Their modest goal is to save the world! Or die trying – by creating products that don’t harm the environment in ANY way. iLoveEcoEssentials wants to shape a sustainable future while making you look, feel and smell better than ever before…

Natural, organic and ecological

All products are made of natural and organic ingredients that contain 0% microplastic. The bottles are made of waste plastic and they have a bamboo collar. Bamboo is also called the world´s most sustainable wood – it can grow up to one metre in 24 hours without any pesticides. Hotels that use iLoveEcoEssentials can also sell the products. The hotel can make an extra profit while the guests are positively reminded of their stay, long after returning home.

What is Ecocert?

iLoveEcoEssentials has certified its products with Ecocert. Ecocert is the world’s leading certification organization that sets the standard for natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. It ensures sustainability and environmentally friendly processes. Ecocert certified products are formulated without GMO, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Nanoparticles, Silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes or animal-derived ingredients. It reassures even the most sustainability-conscious consumer.