Rituals is a world-renowned cosmetics brand with unique signature fragrances that are carefully designed and composed by the world’s finest perfumers. Rituals has an extensive collection of luxurious yet affordable products inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures.

Rituals – find happiness in the smallest of things

Rituals offers a wide range of hotel amenities to cater to even the most sophisticated guests. Behind every Rituals product is a story inspired by an ancient Eastern tradition or philosophy. Your hotel guests will be taken to an ancient Hammam spa, to the delightful company of the Happy Buddha and to the philosophies of ancient China.

The distinctive luxury fragrances are created by the best perfumers in the world and have been granted several awards. The fragrances vary from fresh eucalyptus to revitalising orange.

Rituals has a wide range of hotel products that include small amenity bottles, sophisticated pump dispensers, charming gift sets as well as delightful room fragrances.

Guest Comfort has exclusive rights to sell the Rituals hotel collection in Finland and the Baltics.