Bread & Boxers

Bread & Boxers is a clothing brand that offers timeless fashion focusing on simplicity, comfort and functionality. The everyday basics have quickly spread all over the world. Now Bread & Boxers is also available as a hotel concept!

Bread & Boxers – a unique service concept for hotels

Bread & Boxers is a clothing brand with a complete line of everyday basics for men and women. The brand offers timeless clothing with true comfort – it does not do seasonal collections and avoids trends and bright colours. All t-shirts and underwear are made of certified organic cotton and the clothes are packed in slim plastic-laminated paper bags.

Bread & Boxers was founded in 2009 and the collection has quickly spread to selected stores throughout Europe, USA and Asia. Bread & Boxers also offers a unique service concept for hotels that adds significant value to the customer service. It is a lifesaver for luggage-less travellers of all kinds. The products are easy to put on display either in the hotel room, at the reception area or in the hotel shop.

Guest Comfort will gladly assist with the hotel concept. We offer displays, starting packages and pricing tips. We will make the beginning as easy as possible for you.