Swirl Ironing Centre

Sold in units of: 1 pcs
Product code: BE3518

Bentley Swirl Ironing Centre includes an ironing board, an organiser, and a steam iron. The Bentley Swirl Ironing Centre has a compact mesh frame board that fits into even smaller wardrobes. The board height is adjustable, and it has extra thick metal legs. The iron cable can be connected to the board with an anti-theft feature.

The ironing centre can be combined with an integrated hanger and a separate organiser for the iron. The organiser can be placed at the top or at the bottom of the board. Please check product BE3403 Bentley Steam Iron 1800w for information on the iron.

All ironing centre parts can also be purchased separately.

Size & Weight information:
Ironing surface: 112 x 37 cm
Board folded: 37 x 7,5 x 117 cm
Board folded incl. organiser: 37 x 21 x 125 cm
Weight: 4,5 kg