Environmental values are close to our hearts and we focus on the environment in our everyday operation. We strive for continuous development in order to decrease the environmental load and to save our natural resources. Environmental matters are most critical for us when we develop products, when we choose our partners, and when we plan our logistics.


  • We always take environmental matters into account when we choose our partners. We demand ISO 14001 certification from all our major suppliers and audit them regularly.
  • It is essential for us to plan our waste management and to recycle. Guest Comfort is a member of the packaging industry’s environmental register in Finland.
  • We carefully select the raw materials that are used in our cosmetic products. The contents must be both skin and environmentally friendly. All our cosmetics are registered in the EU cosmetics register.
  • We strive to minimize plastic and other packaging materials in all our products. We cover our products in plastic only if it is necessary for hygiene reasons. We also prefer biodegradable materials.
  • We plan our logistics carefully, taking the environment into account. We carry full containers and pallets whenever possible.
  • We act according to the principles of a green office. We sort paper and kitchen waste, we save energy, and we continually aim to improve our routines.