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Customer service

Our customer service can be reached by e-mail or by phone +358-(0)20-7466 480

Contact information

Guest Comfort Ltd, Merimiehenkatu 29, FI-00150 Helsinki, Finland,, Phone +358-(0)20-7466 480, Fax +358-(0)20-7466 488

Delivery terms for stock products in Europe

Freight Charges

Freight charge are applied to all exports in Europe. Freight charges for Sweden, Denmark, Estonia. Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and the Netherlands are EUR 50 per order € (VAT 0 %). For information on charges for other countries and/or products with private label, please contact customer service for a separate quotation.

Time of delivery for stock items

In Finland we promise to deliver our stock items in 1 - 3 working days (72 hours). Outside of Finland the time of delivery is 4-7 working days, after the order is received and accepted. The delivery is carried out by Itella and/or Schenker. Alternatively customers may collect the ordered goods as separately agreed.


The notice period is fourteen (14) days upon the receipt of delivery.


14 days net. Guest Comfort reserves the right to demand advance payment, if a customer has default payment entries or in specific situations. In case the payment by a customer is in delayed, Guest Comfort may, at its sole discretion, close the customer account and cancel the order.


We reserve the right to price changes.

Register - discount

We give 15 % discount for your fist web order. The discount is valid only for new registered customers that make a web order within two weeks after registration. The discount will be noted in the invoice. The discount is not valid for discounted items or freight charges.

Product guarantee and return of defected products

Upon agreement between a customer and Guest Comfort, the customer may return the defected product with description of the default in question within 14 days upon the date of delivery. Guest Comfort will replace the defected product with a corresponding new product. Guest Comfort is under no obligation to accept any products that have been returned without prior agreement between the customer and Guest Comfort.

How to return a defected product

In case of defected products, the customer shall first contact Guest Comfort via e-mail or by phone +358-20-7466 480. The customer will be given further instruction on how to return a defected product. The customer is asked to attach a document (copy of packing list or invoice) regarding the defected product that includes customer’s name, address, phone number, customer number and grounds for the return of the products. Defected products may be sent to the following address: Guest Comfort Ltd, c/o Geodis Wilson Finland Oy, Juvan teollisuuskatu 25 ovi 43, 02920 Espoo, FINLAND.

Product description and samples

To the best of Guest Comfort knowledge the information contained in this website/site policy is accurante and complete at the time of publishing the site policy. While every reasonable precaution has been taken into the preparation of this website/site policy, Guest Comfort neither assumes liability for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained in this website/site policy, nor makes any express or implied warranty, assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this website/site policy. Product samples are sent free of charge only for the registered customers. Product samples are available of most of the Guest Comfort´s products. Guest Comfort reserves the right to consider each request for samples individually. A request can be denied at Guest Comfort´s sole discretion. For further information, please contact customer service. Please note that the complete product range is not available for all markets.

Guest Comfort quality

Guest Comfort is a Finnish company specialized in designing and selling guest amenities for hotels, airlines and cruise lines and was established in 1983. Our activities are based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, management systems for quality and environment. It is our ambition to include the ethical aspects in our daily work. We have also chosen to work according to the standards of SA8000. This is the foundation of the Guest Comfort quality.

Best before

The guaranteed best-before duration time for most of our hotel cosmetics is two (2) years. For more information, please contact Guest Comfort customer service.

Privacy protection

Customer at Guest Comfort

When you make an order or register yourself at, you will be registered as a Guest Comfort customer. For making an order, the following information is required: Company name, name of person making the order, delivery and invoice address including the postal code and city, the e-mail address and the phone number.

Handling of customer data

Guest Comfort´s customer register is confidential and the data is not transferred to any a third parties outside the Guest Comfort's group companies. Guest Comfort will send e-mail messages only on customer's prior permission. Guest Comfort is using cookies on Guest Comfort’s web pages. With these we collect technical information and other information about how the website is being used. As a result of this information Guest Comfort is continuously able to develop Guest Comfort website to fulfill the demands of the customers.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information in a small text file that is saved on your computer when you visit a website. The text file contains information that your web browser reads when you return to the website. Some cookies are essential to secure the functionality of the website. Other cookies are useful from the user’s point of view as they save time by remembering certain information when visiting a website, for example your username and password.

Cookies are generally divided into two types. A saved cookie remains on your computer’s hard drive for a set time. A temporary cookie is session based and is erased automatically when you close your browser.

Why are we using cookies?

Guest Comfort is using cookies in order to deliver the best possible service to our customers. With cookies we ensure that the website is adjusted according to your unique wishes, choices and interests as well as track products in the shopping cart, offer additional tips, help finish your shopping faster and ensure that you don’t have to log in to every page separately. Cookies help us improve our marketing in the way that you only see relevant ads.

Examples of saved cookies on are your personal settings and marketing cookies. Temporary cookies are used to collect user statistics.

Cookies doesn’t harm your computer nor your files. We comply with existing privacy policies and ensure the safety of all information security of our customers in everything we do.

Erasing cookies

If you do not want to use cookies or erase all of your cookies you can do this in the security settings in your browser. Alternatively you can set your browser to ask you specifically whenever Guest Comfort is trying to install a cookie to your hard drive. Check for additional information on your web browser’s website.

Please notice that blocking the use of cookies might block some pages and their functionalities. Also notice that your username and password aren’t saved either.


Description of our customer register

Data controller

Guest Comfort Ltd, Merimiehenkatu 29, FI-00150 Helsinki, Finland, phone: +358-20-7466 480, e-mail:, VAT number: 0966048-6

Name of register

Guest Comfort Ltd's customer register

Purpose of register

Guest Comfort is using the register for handling the customer relations. Contents of register:

  • Customer’s contact information
  • Information about orders
  • Ordered product information
  • Date of order
  • Terms of order
  • Reference number
  • History of orders
  • Technical information about the user’s Internet-server (contains the user’s IP-address and information about the web browser)

Handling of data and secrecy protection

Customer information can only be shared with the Guest Comfort's parent company Dermoshop Ltd and it’s subsidiaries and for marketing purposes. The information will not be transferred to any third parties. The information is saved on Guest Comfort’s host computer and only the Guest Comfort’s personnel and computer service personnel will have access to it. For further information on Guest Comfort's customer register, please contact the data controller. All rights to alterations and amendments are reserves by Guest Comfort.