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Guest Comfort Ltd

The name itself explains what we do. We have a complete assortment of comfort products for hotel, flight, onboard and train customers.

Our products are attractive and we have a dedicated staff.

During the past 30 years we have gained valuable experience from hotels, cruise and airlines in the Nordics and in Russia.

Our products are registered in the EU cosmetic register and meet the requirements that are listed for cosmetics in Europe.

For decades already we have had the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates. During the past years the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility have become more and more important, an issue that we also value and can highlight through our code of conduct. We have our own brands and we can also offer private label products. In addition to this we provide cosmetic products from the prestigious brand Hermès.

Logistics is one of our strengths and we carry a large assortment of stock products. Our warehouse is situated in Espoo, Finland. We can offer you domestic transport and product declaration.

We can discuss with you in English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian.

You should choose Guest Comfort if you would like to work with a Finnish company, that follows the EU cosmetic requirements, that, with a dedicated staff offers design, elegant and attractive products with a big heart. Choose us if you want an easy partner that asks you the question “What do you want?” and listens to your answer and beyond.

Our office is located in Helsinki, Finland. Come and meet us or contact us by phone or email, welcome!